Meaningful Employment

Many individuals with autism are often proficient problem solvers and many have preferred areas of interest where they are highly skilled in and proficient in. Despite these gifts, individuals with autism aren’t always able to express themselves very well during job interviews or when applying for higher education and as a result, they will often accept any type of employment, if they can get any, often employment well below their skill level.

In recognition of this, some organizations have been created recognizing these specific problems with individuals who have an autism disorder to help them first to assess personal skill levels and then to help them to navigate how to prepare to introduce themselves to the working world through development of resumes and vita’s and then how to successfully manage an employment interview.

Skill levels can first be assessed through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, each State has such an office although its name might be called something different. The purpose of the evaluation is to see and to confirm both preferred interests in specific vocations and in part skill levels to work in those areas of interest.