Autism and the Church

The Church has a responsibility to be a safe haven for its members. The church, figuratively speaking whether it’s a Christian Church, a Synagogue, a Mosque, or another Sanctuary of Worship in many respects needs to be a center for all, not just the place for the rich or for the well off. Those who are poor, injured, disabled are all of God’s people who need to find a place, need to have a place, need to be able to find the doors open so that they can rest.

Dr. Sutton and Associates will speak at your place of worship, and diocesan and ministry congresses.

Many students are affected by the environment around them. These students seem to learn differently from neurotypical learners.
Many learners with autism can (and do) grow up and develop friendships with their peers and can lead happy productive lives as adults. Sometimes having this disorder may overshadow the gifts that each learner likely has. Because of the wide nature of autism as a spectrum disorder, one person with autism could have a limited intellectual ability while another could be gifted intellectually; one may understand mathematics after only one explanation and quickly become bored when repetitive problems are assigned to them, while another might struggle and seem never to understand a mathematical concept. Some children with autism excel in mathematics, others in science or in art. As with every child, each individual is different.

St. Lawrence Ministries – Services to those with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities (to help recognize and make available the gifts of all of God’s Members and Children):

1. Religious Education Classes – 15 years at Our Lady of Grace
i. 1-1 education using Teen mentors with children and teens as teachers
I’ve received a number of inquiries and some specific requests for adults with IDD to enter religious communities either as priests or nuns – as priests in some cases – some clearly having a call drawn to be closer to God. However knowing that they could not get through College Philosophy and Graduate Theology courses. So I’ve suggested under the umbrella of St. Lawrence Ministries – in my parish:
2. Spiritual Direction for Adults with IDD –
3. Religious Education for Adults with IDD