Autism and Criminal justice

The criminal justice system in many respects seems to be the “new” mental health system of our age. Unfortunately, many of the “higher functioning” individuals with autism who have the ability to speak or to use language have often not been diagnosed and have ended up in criminal justice settings. In my initial study*my colleagues and I found over 60% of individuals admitted to one specific adolescent unit were in the autism spectrum. Until that study, there did not appear to be a clear mechanism for the identification of those with an autism spectrum diagnosis.

Dr. Sutton and Associates will conduct psychological evaluations – typical and forensic; testify in court; develop and present recommendations for those individuals with developmental disorders, in particular, those with autism spectrum disorders and reentry/reintegration plans.

*Identifying Individuals with Autism in a State Facility for Adolescents Adjudicated as Sexual Offenders: A Pilot Study. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities XX(X) 1-9, 2012 SAGE